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Friday, April 15, 2011

DIARY 28 - 5 things

1.) My newest bargain hunt. A handkerchief hem dress from H&M that was on sale from £30 to £7. I really love it as it has that girly look but at the same time edgy feel to it because of the coloured hems that also look like they've been DIYed.

2.) Red nails and owl rings. This might be a weird thing to include to my 5 things but it made me happy this week because I was able to wear red nail polish for school and also wear rings and other jewellry because it was Easter school.

3.) My newest leather brown bag I got from Primark on sale as well, which I will be using for travelling with bits and bobs for Paris next next week.

4.) Easter eggs my grandmother got for me and my sister for next weekend; Easter Sunday.

5.) Finally got some white knee high socks with nice decorations/patterns as I have been wanting one since winter which was like 3 months ago but not seen one that I like but now I have one.

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