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Sunday, April 24, 2011

DIARY 36 - 5 things

1.) My newest wedges from River Island. They are the comfiest wedges ever, they are a bit big but for some reason they are still comfortable and they are just right, I wore them for when I went to watch Fast 5 with my family and we walked for about 2 hours before the film and my feet werent hurting at all.

2.) Paris related things, so when I took this picture, it was a day before we were going to leave for Paris, and by the time this post is posted, I would be already in France. Anyway, it made me happy to think we only have one day left before the trip.

3.) Re-watched the action films: Fast and Furious and so on, ready for Fast 5 and also re-watched one of my favourite children film: Nanny McPhee.

4.) Me and my sister's bag stand finally arrived, it made me so happy because it is bigger than what I have expected it to be and also now, I dont have to store my bags in my wardrobe meaning I have more space for my shoes, and also no more bags behind the door.

5.) I had 2 McFlurrys this week and my mum paid for both of them, shes a lovely woman :)

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