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Saturday, April 9, 2011

DIARY 22 - April 09, 2011 - What I Wore & photo diary

(playsuit - Cult, leather jacket - carboot but label says: 'Bay', studded brown army boots - Varanni, brown and black sling bag - sister's but from carboot, clock necklace - mother's shop)

This outfit is what I wore for when me and my family went to a nearby town to shop for holiday clothes. Also some photos of me when my sister decided to shoot me as it was sunny and the weather was really nice and rare.


  1. You are so beautiful :) I wish I looked like you :)
    I am now following :)
    Pages of Tray

  2. thank you and you are too, i just checked out your blog, and now i am following you too on bloglovin :)


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