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Thursday, April 7, 2011

DIARY 19 - my newest baby

Black army looking boots that I bought on sale from Primark for £5. I nearly missed it as it was behind other boots, one of which I already have. Anyway, my sister called me and told me that she was already at our meeting point and my dad was going to be there in 5 minutes to pick us up, so I had to leave the shop, but then I suddenly saw the shoes as it caught my eye. So I looked at it more eagerly and saw that it had hard lace details on the side and I just couldnt resist: one, because its perfect for summer dresses paring it with lace/peachy/floaty dresses especially with the hard lace detail and two, since it was also on sale and I really have weak knees for shoes on sale.

So this is then a new addition to my collection of shoes; I seriously need more space or atleast a shoe wardrobe that should be just dedicated to my shoes.

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