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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DIARY 26 - recent and great buys

What I have recently bought for myself, which I will be using for holiday to Paris and also for the upcoming summer.

1.) studded army green colour jeans - Dunnes
2.) orange sheer top - charity shop
3.) studded army green colour jumper - Primark
4.) eye liner with sharpener - make up bar
5.) grey studded bag - Primark
6.) studded and buckeld brown boots - Primark
7.) cream brogues - Primark

So I have been wanting a sheer top for ages and finally I have one and its even better than what I have been imagining in my head because its a bright colour and also it was so comfy when I wore it and also it was bought cheap and the money that was paid for it will go to charity so I feel a lot better.

Also I have been using annoying eyeliners that always need sharpening and wont even sharpen proper so now I got a new one with its own sharpener so I wont have to go through my sister's pencil case for a sharpener anymore.

I also got these lovely studded things. Firstly the bag, the bag I thought I should get as it would match the outfit I discovered which I will show you when I wear it in Paris. The jeans, I bought as it was on sale and I couldnt resist the stud details made me want it badly and also as I really love sale items and also I need new coloured jeans. Finally the jumper, I just love the stud details on them so I bought it as well. Im a stud freak!

Finally, the buckle and stud boots and brogues. Brogues has been on my 'Shopping/Item Wants' for a very long time and when I went shopping I thought it was the right time to get some. Also the buckle studded boots were on sale and I have wanted some rocky biker looking boots for a long time now so I thought Id buy these bad boys whilst their on sale.

I love a good bargain and as I have said before anyway, Im a bargain hunter. I think I should be an antique dealer sometime in my life, haha!

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