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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

France Holiday - Day 01 Photo Diary (French flea market)

When we got to France we came across a town that was so busy with everyone in the neighbourhood or every house in that town out in their front yards with their vintage things selling them to the public. It was like a carboot if to be compared to what England has but to compare it with what they have in the US, flea market, I think, would be the most appropriate. 

In the market, they had all sorts, from dream catchers to IBCs and loads and loads. It was also so big that I wish we had enough time and got there earlier so we could've explored more but because of the blazing heat and me and my sister in heels, we had to go back to the car and set of for our 1st hotel.

Anyway, more about the market. This flea market experience was my first with French ones and I think that its so amazing, more amazing than the British ones anyway, the reason? Because the French people set up their tables and their things right in front of their houses so they don't need to put it in their cars and pay for parking and all that anymore. Also, whilst people are looking through their things, the French families were having dinner, some of them were even having barbecues and roast chickens which made me really jealous; this we can't do in British carboots as there isn't enough space and people would just be staring but in France, people don't mind at all.

I wish someday to be able to come across something like this again and perhaps in France again. The only thing I'd like to change is the language barrier, not being able to understand how much the stuff were and also the blazing temperature, don't get me wrong I love the sun just not the heat for a very long time. Oohh and I'd also would love to wear flats next time and maybe some sleveless top and shorts as well :)

Some of the pictures are also from when we stopped over at a McDonalds in France and took a picture also of the McDonalds wall art work.


  1. Oh wow, all of those vintage cameras look FANTASTIC! And you look adorable as well <3




  2. aww, i know they are, i wish i bought one now :) and thank you :)


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