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Thursday, May 5, 2011

France Holiday - Day 01 Photo Diary (Crocodile)

Nestea ice tea (which I havent had in a while and have really missed so much), my new polka dot sheer top and denim high waisted shorts from the French flea market (I will take clearer outfit photos later on), dinner, eat-all-you-can dessert, chocolate fountain, profiteroles and chocolate cake, ice cream with sweet nuts, the train at the restaurant, me playing around in the car park as it was sort of isolated

So here is a photo diary of our first proper dinner in France (excluding McDonalds because thats everywhere). Anyway, this restaurant was called 'Crocodile' and they had an eat-all-you-can dessert buffet which was amazing as they had a chocolate fountain and they had all sorts. Also the meal was nice, I had some ribs which was just amazing and overly massive. Oh, and Im still wondering up to this moment why it was called 'Crocodile' when there was nothing in the restaurant that really resembles crocodiles except the window prints, they had trains that were going pass our heads and 2 proper train dining tables/areas which aren't crocodile-connected at all.

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