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Monday, May 30, 2011

France Holiday - Day 05 Photo Diary (Versailles, Notre Dame, Moulin Rouge)

our hotel - Olivarius Hotel


the rose arches in the garden/park near Notre Dame church
me and my mother in front of the canal and Notre Dame church

inside the Notre Dame church

the rose stained glass window in Notre Dame, apparantely the biggest in the world

candle lighting in Notre Dame

Mary decorated candles in the church

Moulin Rouge

the weird meringue snack from a cafe in Bapaume town that my dad bought

(sheer floral blouse - charity shop, pink body-con skirt - Glance, pink brogues - Primark, white jumper - carboot, necklace - Primark, white ring - ebay, black sling bag - carboot)

So here are the last pictures from my holiday in France 2011. In these pictures: our hotel, Olivarius, which had a pool table, comfortable sofas and a dining area/restaurant. Most of the items are also from IKEA, we'd know since we love the place and get our furniture from there too.

Also, pictures from Versailles. I didn't really know that the place existed until I went there. Apparantely a King use to own it but then he was beheaded. It was also raining and we arrived there at about 2 in the afternoon already so we didn't really have time to go into the castle anymore.

We also went to Notre Dame, where there was a mass going on as we went in and loads of people were still taking pictures even though there was a mass, two of which are me and my sister, however, the priest and the people that were taking part in the mass seems to not mind the photographers/tourists at all.

Finally, Moulin Rouge and a snack bought by my dad in Bapaume, the town we stopped over before for lunch. Well we stopped over there again, hoping to have some dinner there but then we ran out of time so my dad bought some snacks instead and this is one of them: a weird looking/shaped meringue.

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