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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Diary 76 - Only once in a lifetime

prom dress (black ruffled layered hard lace and sheer with black silk ribbon - online)
prom dress and shoes (nude white ribbon peep toe wedges - Varanni)

hair garments (curlers - carboot, white flower clip/accessory - gift from sister, hair clips - local shop)

make up garments (make up brushes - some came with make up and some from carboot, fake eye lashes - Boots, L powder foundation - market, L multi eyeshadow palette - market, MUA mascara - MUA @ Superdrug, MUA light pink nail polish - MUA @ Superdrug, Extreme mascara - Asda makeup section, blusher with eyeshadow palettes - carboot, liquid eyeliner - market, black pencil eyeliner - makeup shop, glitter powder brush - market, L pink lipstick - sister's, light pink mini lipgloss, free from magazine)

jewellery/accesories (nude white with gold lock purse - sister's but from Primark, peark bracelet - Asda jewellery section, gold and pearl bracelets - sister's, angel wing earrings with diamond - New Look, long gold wing earrings - New Look)

It is prom season and here are the things I will need for my prom outfit, makeup and hair. In this post, the rings I will wear weren't included but basically besides the rings, these are all the items I need to use. :) Prom is tomorrow and I must be the least excited person that's going and I don't know why, the only thing I'm looking forward to is getting dressed up, as you probably have noticed from the things and pictures I post here in my blog, it's mostly me dressed up with different types of outfits, etcetera.

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