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Thursday, July 21, 2011

September 24, 2009 - What I Wore - that Little Girl playing in the backyard, that was me

(denim playsuit - carboot, orange check shirt - Primark, blue lace-up heels - Varanni, blue polka dot round earrings - Primark)

This outfit is what I wore for a friend's 16th birthday party last year but I've only decided recently to take outfit pictures of the outfit because at the time I was running out of looks to post on lookbook andposts to blog about in here and I decided to go back to old outfits that I didn't keep a record of. Anyway, that is different now because now I'm actually lagging behind my looks and I'm so far behind by about 2/3 weeks because of reposting and missing my posting time but I'll try and keep up to date again.

Moving on, about the outfit, the shoes were on sale in Varanni (just small shoe botiques around Manchester and the towns around it) for £5 and the only size and pair left were these in size 6 so I was a bit distraught when I found out but then I tried it and it was just perfect; my feet didn't slide out when walking (the fact that the shoes are lace-ups probably helped with that). I love these shoes so much as well not only because I got them only for £5 but also because the heels are not so high so I wear them quite for long and they're comfortable for such and such hours so long as I do not stand or dance with them all day/night long :)

The playsuit and shirt, I bought from carboots but the shirt's brand says Primark so obviously they're both a bargain :)

Hope you're having a lovely weekday so far because I sure am (I just recently watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 for the 2nd time and I will post about my looks for when I watched it 1st and 2nd time in latter posts when I eventually get up to date with my blog and lookbook :)



  1. your outfit is so cute, Mariel!! love the shirt, and the shoes are awesome!! I also love your wedges from the other post. I'm following you here, and also on lookbook, love your style:) keep in touch>:D<

  2. I love this outfit! The shirt looks great, and your shoes also!


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