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Monday, July 25, 2011

Diary 87 - shoe shelf

3 book shelves beside my bed stacked with a pair of shoes and books/magazines each shelf

(grey ankle boots wedges - River Island) one of my special or should I say 'for me is special because its pretty and so comfortable' shoes on top of a book called 'Angel Isle' with some dvds on the shelf and decoratives as well. The Tunisia jewellery pot-like thing is from my dad and so is the chicken countdown timer (don't ask why the random timer, he loves to collect weird and funny objects which is sometimes, only sometimes, beneficial to me or my sister :), the small owl stuffed toy is handmade by my mom

(white nude ribbon peep toe wedges - Varanni) another pair of shoes I own that I find special because it's just so pretty and perfect for my taste and style anyway and also because they are the most comfortable shoes ever, also this has been featured in another one of my post where I introduced you to the idea of shoes over books/magazines

(pink doc martens look alike boots - boohoo.com) another pair of shoes I find quite special because they're my first pair of doc martens-like boots and I just love them because they're comfortable like the other 2 pairs, also 'cos it's very chic and easy to style with outfits. Anyway, the shoes are on top of my Sugar magazine collection and other fashion-related magazines such as 'Look'

So as mentioned, here is my book shelf next to my bed with some of my special and most beloved shoes displayed with my books/magazines as I no longer have enough space in my wardrobe for my shoes so I decided to display them in my shelf instead. Oh by the way, the shelf is from IKEA :)

P.S. Ignore the scuffs from my peep toes and pink boots, the peep toes got it from the last time I wore it which was during prom when I danced too outrageously and fell over 3 times or more :O atleast I had so much fun I didn't care if the room had over 80 people who could've seen me fell :) The pink boots got it's dirt from the lst time I wore it, which I will post an outfit post of, anyway, it was a particular rainy day (no particular surprise for the residents of England especially during summer :L) and so it got splattered with dirt and all.

Hope you're having a good start to the week.

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