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Friday, July 29, 2011

the girl next door

(sleveless lace blouse - hand-me-down from my grandmother, yellow floral skirt - Primark, grey scarf worn as hair bow hairband - carboot)

These are some narcissistic pictures I took of myself a while back at the same time I took these outfit pictures you can check out here. As you have probably gathered, a lot of them are out of focus as it was on a timer and autofocus and I had to move back and forth from clicking the capture button and posing so the focus would usually go to the headboard and not to me but some of the shots, I was able to align myself on the focal point.

Anyway, you might be wondering as well why are some of the pictures the same pose, well to answer your question: that would be because I was trying to take pictures for some gifs I created to post on my Tumblr and here, which some of them you can check out here and since a lot were unfocus, I had to take them again and again and again...

I also tried posting them here on my blog but I was unsuccessful so I will try again later on, sometime, when I feel like trying and wasting time on it again :)

Hope you have a good weekend folks :)


  1. Ar these are real cute. Love your whole outfit.

    Helen, X


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