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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Diary 74 - A room full of Art

my sister trying to figure out how to use the parking machine
some of my sister's work throughout the year

other student's works

some pretty awesome art work

my dad goofing around :)

artistic cupcake models made from wires and fabrics

Last week, me and my family went to my sister's end of year college exhibition where they showcased only a few of the works of each student so we got to see a lot of different themed works. 

The artworks that particulary stood out for me were the barbie painting/canvas that contrasted Barbie and a skeletal Barbie and also the cupcake models made from wires and fabrics as they looked so creative and I just love cupcakes generally.

My sister's work that she displayed were all photographs she took. I also included a picture of her with the parking machine as we didn't know that parking was free after 6 and then we still paid £3 and didn't get it back so my sister is to blame as she didn't read the machine carefully :)

My outfit for the night on my next post.

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