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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

an old rusty bunch

(purple leopard print sleveless top - Primark, black shorts - gift from sister but from H&M, hair dye - blonde hair dye from ASDA)

A few or maybe a couple of weeks back I dyed or should I say, I asked my dad to dye the tips of my hair not technically blonde but just a lighter shade colour than my natural hair colour which is black. I used a blonde hairdye so that my hair is bleached and will go lighter. Anyway, I thought my hair would turn out lighter than this 'rusty-like' colour but it did not because few weeks back I also attempted to dip dye it bright red but it didn't work because of having such a dark hair colour, so anyway, that affected this 2nd attempt of dip dyeing because it resulted to a darker 'rusty' colour rather than a 'blonde' bleach colour.

Even so, I liked the effect and maybe in a months time, just before I go on holiday with my grandmother and sister, I might just bleach it again to make it lighter and also do it to a longer length.
P.S. Pardon the clatter in the room, it's been such a lazy week for me

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