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Saturday, August 27, 2011

autumn came by early

(black with floral collar details jumper - carboot, blue denim shorts - Primark, black tights - gift from mother, orange socks - sister's but from H&M, brown lace-up ankle boots - Primark, orange beanie - unknown, brown sling tapestry bag - carboot, audrey hepbrun ring - mother's shop)

This is an outfit I wore to watch the film Super 8 (which by the way was so amazing and I just fell in love with Elle Fanning that now she is one of my girl crushes :)) Okay, enough of that girl crushing, when I wore this outfit it was still August and supposedly summer? But here in England, dont be fooled by the month or season because the weather is so bipolar that it would rain cats and dogs even if it's in the middle of summer. 

Anyway, I wore an Autumn outfit because it was raining and was cold during the day and even though we were staying inside for the film, I couldn't risk getting cold whilst were walking on the way to the cinema from the car park.

What do you guys think about the orange and how Autumn-like this outfit is? I know I could've worn still summery colours because it was still summer even though the weather says differently, but I just loved the floral details in the collar of this jumper and I wanted to wear something that matches it but didn't have anything sky blue or mustard yellow so I had to wear orange, thus the orange beanie and socks.

So how about you guys, how are you all and how do you feel about the shifting season??

P.S. Ignore my bad hair dip dye and my overall hair in these photos, my hair had grown even longer and so the dip dye looks so awfully bad but I've had it re-done and cut, you'll see in my other posts coming in the future :)


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