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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

casual colour blocking

(green 'love' print sleveless tee - Glance, black and white varsity jacket - carboot, blue acid wash effect skinny jeans - carboot, pink lace up Doc Martens-like boots - boohoo.com, black and brown sling bag - carboot, camera necklace - rikyandnina.com)

(photo credit: Moira Parton)
This outfit is from way back (few weeks back). It's what I wore to go grocery shopping in July and it was raining (go figure! summer here in England and yet it's raining, hmm sigh!) Well it's raining today like it's autumn or winter or something when it's suppose to be still summer but oh well, that's England for you, atleast it should keep rioters off the streets, as if anyone would want to be out in this weather! Anyway off of the misery now, tonight I will be going out with my family to watch Super 8. I heard it got good reviews in the US so I really hope I'll like it so that atleast going out in the rain and cold would be worth it :) Hope everyone of you all are having a good week wherever you guys are :)

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