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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the daughter of Rambo

(sleveless band shirt - carboot (Deathly Hollows sign at back- DIY), grey denim shorts - Primark, grey heeled boots - Primark, black sling bag - carboot, grey scarf (worn as hair piece) - charity shop, denim jacket - carboot, green bracelet - Primark men's section, silver bracelet - friend's, snake rings - mother's shop)

This is the outfit I mentioned to you guys about in a previous post, where I said I wore an outfit that is more Harry Potter related.

I got this shirt at a carboot sale and when I first saw it, it reminded me of other blogger wearing such shirts with shorts and either a shirt or denim jacket over it and coming out with a sort of rock look. So I bought the shirt and thought I might wear it 'rock-ish'. Anyway, later on I then decided to DIY the back of the shirt by bleaching it with a Deathly Hollows sign. My dad helped me do it by doing the Hollows sign whilst I went for the extreme and splashed bleach all over the place to make it look like an art sploge (I don't know if it really turned out that way, tell me what you think)

So this outfit is a more Harry Potter related outfit rather than my other outfit when I watched the film for the first time not only because of the Deathly Hollows sign but also because it's all grey and dark like the film was. This outfit is what I wore for my second time watching it by the way, with my family this time. 

P.S. Did you guys notice my bracelet and rings as well? My bracelets colours are green and silver like Slytherin and my rings are snakes also like Slytherin (my favourite house alongside Gryffindor) You might be wondering, Why didn't I weear those jewellry on my first outfit. First of all, because they wouldnt have gone well with the rest of the outfit and secondly, the bracelets would've been hidden under my large blouse. Also the title is a reference to Rambo the guy because of his hair piece :) and also another reference to another film called 'The Son of Rambo' I thought I'd just share where I originated the title from, if you're wondering :)

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