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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

flowers blooming everywhere

(floral vest/blouse - charity shop, yellow floral skirt - Primark, black round stud gladiator sandals - Primark, brown tapestry sling bag - carboot, blue flower necklace - carboot)

A trip to a local park during last years summer where me, my dad and my sister fed ducks, had some photoshoot in the parks foresty wilderness area (loads of trees and sickeningly sweet smelling flowers), I biked around the park and down a hill (where I got a bruise afterwards) and where my dad took a nap in the grass and was posing like a dog biting a wood for the camera :)

This year, we haven't or I haven't even gone to any parks at all, reasons being: 1.) our bathroom in being renovated and we are spending weeks and weeks doing it so no time for the park 2.) England's bipolar weather is very reliable with rain intervals during random days/weeks 3.) Im just superbly lazy and just want to stay in bed all day -_-

Im still hoping to achieve something this summer, but Im definitely going to be visiting a new place Ive never been to before: Tunisia :)

Hope you're still enjoying summer whilst its still with us :)

(all photos taken by: Moira Parton)

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