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Monday, August 1, 2011

Au Au August, can you smell Au Au Autumn

It's the month of August folks (which I'm pretty sure you've figured out for yourselves :) In about 4 weeks or so, I and most teenagers would be heading back to school and for me a fresh start off to college. Im feeling pretty scared about it really because Im still not sure if I've made the right choice in the course I took : Catering Diploma, and Im just scared to be facing new faces and scared Im not going to make friends like those I've made when I was in highschool. It would be a pretty big change as well not seeing the familiar faces of my crew, whose faces I became so use to seeing everyday for the last past 3 years.

Anyway, you may be wondering why Im talking about college, that's because today I received my enrolment letter for the college Im going to and it's just pretty scary looking at it and knowing that it's going to be different from college day 1.

Let's move on from college because that's really boring to talk about (realising it after I've babbled on about it already :) There's only about a month left of summer and I haven't really done much, not even travelled to the beach or go anywhere with my friends except to watch Harry Potter DHP2, which was of course a mega exception to me being anti-social because I love it that much. This summer, I've only gone out a few times to watch movies in the cinema exactly 3 times and most of the summer time I spent being at home helping to DIY our bathroom since it's been years and years of absolute disgust look. But behold, at the end of the month I will finally have a proper so called 'summer' because I will be going to Tunisia with my grandparents and sister and will be there for a week enjoying the sun (maybe not the heat because that's a pain in the back side and Im not particularly missing the heat even back from my hometown) However, the sun is something to look forward to because it will result to amazing pictures and definitely will be a contrast to the bipolar weather of England, because Im pretty sure autumn would start as soon as England feels like it and rain and rain and rain...

P.S. Sorry for the very long post but Im bored at the moment and couldn't find anything to do but blog and babble. Also the pictures are related to the nearing Autumn and the upcoming rain, if you're wondering :)

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