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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

pink and pink, cream and cream

Link(cream blazer - sisters, pink lace dress - gift from sister but from New Look, pink coat - secondhand, grey floral net tights - Primark, pink belt - carboot, grey lace-ups - sisters but from Primark, grey scarf (worn as hairband - carboot, brown floral tapestry bag - carboot)

This is a post way way too late since this outfit and photos were taken nearly a year ago during the day before my birthday last October. Anyway, I posted these photos on my other blog you could check out here. That blog, though I haven't used and updated in a while and will try to do so in the next few weeks before I start to get busy with college in a month.

You might be wondering, if I have posted these photos there, and have already got a blog then why did I create this blog, well to answer that, it is because I decided to keep my other blog dedicated to food and keep it as my food porfolio which I hopefully will update more when college starts as I will be doing more food then. This blog, on the other hand, is more about my personal life with friends and family photos, my travels/holidays and my outfits/fashion and my buys.

Moving on to the outfit, the dress is a gift from my sister and I just borrowed her blazer and shoes, we basically share each other clothes that we might as well have one big wardrobe of our clothes mixed in together :)

So during my last year's birthday, we went to Blackpool, the nearest beach to our home and is only about 40 minutes away. Anyway, we went there and had a meal at Bella Italia and also went for a bit of light shopping at Primark, only light because they were closing :( but atleast we were able to sit and chill for a bit at the wooden pierre/bridge (I don't really know what its actual name is) So that was my simple but fun birthday with my family last year and this year, I don't have any idea how Im going to spend my birthday, but no worries, I have atleast 2 months and more to think about it :)

Hope your enjoying the last remaining weeks of summer, because here in England-town, as per usual it's raining again :(
(photo credit: Moira Parton)

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