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Sunday, August 14, 2011

shoe galore

(all shoes - New Look for £5 each)

I was web surfing some online shops a week ago and going through sales as you know I love them so much. So I was in New Look's website when I found these 3 pairs of shoes on sale for £5 each from £30 for the brogues and £20 for the peep toe sandals and I was actually madly crazy happy inside that I just had to buy it even though I didn't have so much money at the time.

I've been wanting brogues ever since they became famous and in fashion again and I just fell for these two pairs since not only were they so cheap but they're authentic suede as well and the colours are just amazing I had to buy both colours. The peep toes, I just love becaue of the colours and the lace-up detail. The cons of it though are: it has an open back and is mid heel which I don't like much but I don't mind for a £5 pair of shoes :) Another con is that it sounds like a horse when worn whilst walking (since I tried it by wearing it for gorcery shopping) and I don't have an idea why, my dad said it's because of the shallow parts in the heel but maybe I can get used to it but for now it's definitely annoying. The brogues, on the other hand, I've not tried so we'll have to see how it goes :)

I hope you have a good week guys :)

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