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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alton Towers

As I mentioned, here are the pictures from our trip to Alton Towers with my bestfriend and some other teen people. I have never actually been to Alton Towers before and when we got there it reminded me so much of Disneyland Paris with the colourful buildings and the win-a-toy games and the rides, etc. Although I can say that Disneyland Paris is far bigger and has a better train service but nevertheless, Alton Towers was nice and the day was overall fun and fabulous.

We rode mostly rides involving water as you will see in some pictures that me and bestfriend are looking rather wet from a boat ride where people were shooting water at you and you need to shoot back, well they didn't leave much hiding place in the boat so we were wet as there were also people shooting water at us from every direction, but it was still fun even though we got wet and had to go to the toilet's hand dryers to dry some of our clothes :)

Besides getting wet, we also played mini golf and spent about 30 minutes trying to look for the mini golf area but it was worth it in the end, it was really fun and it was also my first time and I think I did pretty good :)

See the outfit photos here.

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