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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the days are too long and I'm holding on

(denim jacket - carboot, orange floral dress (worn as top) - carboot, grey denim shorts - Primark, brown tights - Asda, pink lace-up pumps - carboot, black wayfarers-like shades - Primark, orange bracelet and black heart ring - Alton Towers shop, brown religious bracelet - Manchester religion shop, green rope-like bracelet - Primark men's section, rings and bunny necklace - mother's shop)

Hi guys, so this is the outfit I wore for my day at Alton Towers with my bestfriend weeks ago, which you probably have known about since I kept talking about it in my other posts :) 

About the outfit, I had to wear tights for the trip since I wasn't sure whether mother nature would be on our side or against us during the day, and it turns out she was both on our side and also against us. It drizzled a little bit and fully rained in the afternoon, but in the morning it was all sunny, which was nice but it wasnt too warm that wearing tights was still bearable. 

P.S. I don't know if you guys have noticed but my hair here is shorter now since I had it cut (which I've mentioned in this post) and the woman cut about 4 inches off when I only said 2 inches :L But it's all good, at least it's still long-ish. Also I had my hair dip dyed again and this time for a longer length. The tattoo is also fake just incase some of you may start to fret :) For now, I leave you with this post. A post about the trip to Alton Towers and my holiday in Tunisia will be done later on as well so stay tuned :)

Hope you guys are having a good day. xoxo

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