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Thursday, September 8, 2011

pink and white

(bright pink blouse - charity shop, denim white skinny jeans - carboot, black sling bag - carboot, brown suede lace-up brogues - New Look, gold/brown aviator shades - Primark, black rose cross necklace - carboot, black rosary necklace - given by cousin, feather earrings - Primark, black heart ring - Alton Towers shop, white and gold ring - ebay, black bracelets - Primark)

Have you guys noticed that I have quite the collection of bright blouses? If you haven't then I would like to show you in this post and this. Recently, I bought another blouse that is yet again too many sizes bigger than my size but I still bought it because I just couldnt say no to how amazing the colour of it was and also as I just love bright bold coloured blouses. I will show you the blouse in another post in the future. But now it saddens me because I dont think I would be able to wear these collection of blouses for Autumn or Winter so I will have to wait for Spring or Summer again next year.

Anyway, moving on, this outfit is what I wore to watch the 'Inbeetweeners Movie' with my friends and also the 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' with my family later on in the day (both films were amazing, The Inbeetweeners Movie was so funny and the Planet of the Apes is so heart-pounding, both films I would definitely recomment to watch). Also during the day with my friends, we saw a Nandos mascott who shocked us but he was quite funny so we took a picture which you could see at the end of the post.

That's all for this post guys, I hope you're having a lovely week. xoxo



  1. Love that your nails matches with your outfit! The colors are gorgeous, love that blouse and you're beautiful! <3

  2. haha I know right, I thought Id make it matching :) and thank you so much Diane :) <3


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