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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Holiday in Tunisia Part 1

(floral vest worn as blouse - charity shop, white denim skinny jeans folded - carboot, brown chunky heels - Primark)

So here is a part 1 photo diary of my holiday in Tunisia over a month ago with my sister and grandparents. And I know, I know, Im lagging behind blogging and I have valid reasons for that. First of all, college has started over a month now and it has not been hectic as I would have thought, I have a really good timetable, I even have a day off which might lead you to think: then why am I not blogging?? Well because my sister has gone to university and now I have more work load on my hands, not only house work load but proper work so Im trying to get time to blog.

Anyway, enough with me trying to make up for my a month of non-blogging. These pictures are of our first day in the country and basically the holiday just consisted of the same routines: wake up, get dressed (swim suit, etc), have breakfast, get our sunbeds, lay there until lunch, have lunch, go back to sun beds, lay there until 5pm, get showered and dressed for the evening entertainment, have dinner at around 7, watch and be part of the entertainment at around 9 and then go back to room at around 12 and watch TV until 1 or when we start to feel drowsy. 

That was the holiday and I must say, although it's not my typical holiday cup of tea that I've tried before, as my usual holidays consist of exploring amazing architecture and tring different cuisines/restaurants and walking miles and miles to try and inhale as much as the place could offer, whilst this holiday was a stay-in-the-hotel-all-week-same-food holiday and it may sound so boring but it's actually quite relaxing and just the perfect holiday to have before the hassle of work and college began straight after we came back.

More pictures from the holiday to come soon and also back to normal outfit pictures from the first few days of college, when I do get the time to blog normally again :)

P.S. Sorry for the massive post this time, only trying to include as much as I haven't blogged in ages :) xx

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