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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm no prisoner in Azkaban (Halloween)

(black and white stripe sleveless top - sisters, black highwaisted shorts - Glance, glitter tights - sisters, black wedges - Varanni c/o sister, silver chain - grandma's, cross necklace - carboot, black rosary - gift from cousin)

This is the result of my ever so effortless attempt of dressing up for halloween. It never occured to me to buy a ready-made outfit that might look dressier/scarier and so here I am being a not so scary halloweener (which isnt even a word).

Anyway, if anyone couldn't guess what I was trying to dress up as, I was trying to look like a rebellious prisoner, but at first I didn't have the chains so it's not visible on some of the pictures but later on during the night, I went to visit my grandparents and told my grandma that I was attempting to dress up like a prisoner and she asked me where my chains were and I told her I didn't have any so she provided me with her old dog lead chains. Thanks to her, I looked a bit more prisoney although it's still not fully convincing or dressed up.

On another note, I love how my eye make up turned out as its my first and I did't even watch any make up video tutorial just some pictures :)

Who or what are you lovelies dressing up for this halloween? xx

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