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Remembrance Day ~ in the memory of the heroes

(red rose print blue and white stripe dress - Primark, black tights - Primark, light brown strap peep toe wedges - Primark, white socks - New Look, brown vintage sling bag - carboot, army green slim belt - carboot)

Today is 'Remembrance Day' for the war soldiers or should I say war 'heroes' as they are. Today we remember the sacrifices they made, mainly sacrificing their lives and their future to protect their country and their people (family and friends) and we remember how without them, the place we live in now would be completely different and who knows, we might not even be here without them.

And so this outfit I present to you all, it may not be an actual poppy as it's actually a rose print, however, the idea of it is there and even without wearing a poppy brooch/tag, as long as we remember these heroes in our hearts and minds, then we shouldn't feel guilty about not wearing one.

Also I would like to thank you lovelies for the comments :) you are great lovely people, I hope you have a lovely weekend xx

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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