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Saturday, November 5, 2011

bonfire night

Last night, I went out with my bestfriend and some other friends from highschool to a local cricket club to watch the fireworks display and for bonfire night. 

The fireworks were better than I had anticipated as they're normally dull unlike the fireworks back in the Philippines, but this time around they seemed better maybe because it wasn't actually the local residents who bought them but the club organizers or something. Also the bonfire was ginormous and it was really nice and warm, I just wish we were allowed to toast some marshmallows with the bonfire (they would probably burn within seconds with how hot the bonfire was) and allowed a keg full of beer, then it would have been like an American bonfire party, all the same as it was a good night after all.

What about you guys? What did you do this weekend or this bonfire night? xx

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