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Sunday, November 27, 2011

denim and red

(denim jacket - carboot, light pink skeleton sequin shirt - Cult, red skinny jeans (folded) - Primark, grey lace-up brogues - New Look)

A casual simple outfit for college. I love the mixture of blue and red, it's very navy-like or Union Jack-like or USA flag-like, haha that's a lot of 'like' for blue and red.

I'd like to apologise for the lack of post this week because these past couple of days I had to go to work and have been working really late and I'm actually still working right now but I can just pause from time to time since this job I'm doing right now is for my mother's but these last couple of days I have been working in the kitchen so I couldn't blog or take pictures which means the 'Weekly Joyful Treasures' might have to be posted tomorrow when I can take pictures. I hope you understand, thank you for the comments by the way.

Love you all lovelies xx

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