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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm weird cos I hate goodbyes

(grey cardigan - c/o sister, orange top dress - carboot, black leggings - unknown, stripe socks - H&M, tan brogues - New Look, green sling bag - rikyandnina.com)

Guess what I wore this outfit for? No other than college of course and being me, Im just posting this now when it was a month or so ago since I've worn it. Im just getting back in the habit of blogging and taking pictures again since Im feeling motivated again now that I have my own camera :) Nothing saddens a blogger more than not having their camera to take pictures with.

Moving on, I just wanted to say how in college they let you wear what you want to a certain degree (of course, they wont let you wear bikinis or onesies, etc) but you get what I mean. Like in high school, you're not even allowed to have you're top button unbottoned and in college, they don't even give two sh*ts about what you wear. But on the down side, it makes you wear things again and again so you must be creative to wear it in a different way and mix it with different things, that's if you actually even care about being noticed to be wearing the same thing again and again, like me.

Im blabbering again, sorry guy. Anyway, I hope you all are having a lovely week. xx

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