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Saturday, November 5, 2011

a simple night out

(photos by me)

Last Wednesday, me, my mom and dad went out to watch 'In Time' for my mother's birthday. Although we planned to go around to shop before the film, we didn't end up doing so because of the insane traffic on the way that took as an extra hour journey so instead we just had time to eat before the film.

Even though we didn't end up going shopping, the trip was still worth it because I got to take pictures of the nice bits of the shopping centre such as the palm trees inside (which Im not sure whether they are real or not) anyway, they remind me of Mall Of Asia back in the Philippines because they too had trees inside the mall. Also the shopping centre has already started decorating for Christmas so it's great to feel and see the first signs that Christmas is around the corner.

How about you guys, what did you all do these week? xx

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