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Monday, November 21, 2011

weekend delight

1) street lamp near SOT's train station
2) autumn leaves near the station
3) my sister's Topman watch that I'm lusting over and thinking of stealing from her :) haha
4) Manchester Picaddily's train station platform directions (wishing there was a platform 3/4 there)
5&6) coffee break, ice coffee and hazelnut mocha with red lip stains and my phone
7) my sister's camera and Sourz bottle collection
8) sister's lip collection with a Martinin bottle on the side
rest of pictures) my sister trying out my lenses and using me as her subject, like the old times (oh how I miss those times)

These are my weekend pictures that I and my sister took (ones with my face and lips in) during this weekend when I went to Stoke-On-Trent to visit her at her university. And I must say it was a fun weekend but not so fun at first.

Firstly because I couldn't find which platform my train was in since it was my first train ride, plus when I finally found it, I then couldn't find which coach I was in and had to walk up and down the train maybe 3-5 times with a heavy bag that I was lugging and kept hitting people with, oops. Then when I finally found my coach, there were people sat on my RESERVED seat and I felt mean asking them to move plus I wasn't sure if it was even my seat so I ended up standing on the way to my sisters, good thing it was only a 15-30 minute journey.

When I got there, things got better besides the weather, since it was so cold. My sister and her boyfriend picked me up and we went back to her university flat where she introduced me to her flat mates and later on that night I got to hang around them and dance about with them. And then next morning, me and my sister walked to town, shopped for a bit, had a coffee break and lusted around things we couldn't buy because we didn't have enough money, but it sure made me want to come back there and go shopping again next time I visit since the town looks better than the town here plus I'm bored with the same town now. And Sunday came and I had to go back home and now here I am splitting my time between work and college again.

I will be posting the 'Weekly Joyful Treasures' for last week either later tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned and I'm sorry if this post is a long one, I just miss blogging and writing since I haven't done so since Friday :) Thank you guys for the comments by the way, I hope you have a lovely week xx

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