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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

weekend joyful treasures

Last week's joyful treasures are:

- purple jeans and denim jacket with sheep skin-like collar both from Dorothy Perkins. I've wanted a denim jacket that fits good on me for god knows how long and I finally found one at Peacocks about a month ago when they suddenly sold out of my size so when I found this denim jacket from DP and found out it was also on sale, I just couldn't resist buying it. Also the jeans, I couldn't resist since I have a bad fetish on solid bright coloured jeans at the moment although it's winter now, for me the bright colour blocking is still going on, oh well, maybe next summer my colour pallette for clothes might be grey and black, the exact opposite.

- pastel coloured sunnies from Primark. Only bought them because they were 50p each plus if I am actually going on a holiday next year for summer then they'd be perfect :)

- white crochet flats from DP and white lace-up brogues from Primark. Bought the flats along with the jeans and jacket as I need some flats badly although its now winter and I doubt I'll be wearing them a lot, but for next year when spring and summer comes I'll have comfort for my feet. Also the brogues were on sale plus I need some brogues as well since my only light coloured brogues got so dirty after using them for work (my fault really) so now I have some new ones :)

- Costa Coffee fat receipt and train tickets. Just souvenirs for my first train ride because I'm a big geek/dork that collects memories of my 1sts in life and just things that I find memorable and worth saving in life. Like for example this receipt, it's not really my first Costa coffee since I've become a regular in that cafe now, but it is my first fat receipt and I just find it rather funny that the receipt is extra huge :) ha, I sound easily amused oh well..

- Jack Wills Christmas lookbook and catalogue. When I got this, it made me feel really happy because it means Christmas is really near and also I got so much inspiration from it on what to wear on Christmas day and also what to wear just casually for college days or just going out plus I wanted so much items from their catalogue, only I couldn't afford it :( but at least I know what they look like and I could buy similar looking items somewhere cheaper :) 

That's the weekend joyful treasures guys, which ones are your favaourite let me know? :) xx

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