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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Big Ben, the Eiffel and the Liberty

These are the items I just recently bought and recieved on the post to use for decorating my room I love the fact that these items are so light and they have a wood feel to it, I'm not really sure what material they're made off.

So I just want to say I love love these items so much especially how they're focused on 3 countries/cities that I adore: London, Paris and New York. 3 of my favourite cities although I haven't been to New York or anywhere in the US but I still love it.

An outfit post soon so stay tuned. Have a good Saturday! xx

P.S. Check out our cat, he's called Snowy for obvious reasons and he's gone really fat now since my dad brought him home, he was trying to play with the strings on my items so my mother decided to take a picture of him, haha :)

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