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Monday, December 26, 2011


(pictures by me, pictures of me by sister)

Hello lovelies, it's Boxing Day today here in England and I don't really know what they call the day after Christmas in other countries so tell me what they call it in your country.

Anyway, here are some pictures from my Christmas Day at my grandparents. A run down of what occured:
- a late morning for the Parton family because we didn't have much presents this year since we got money for shopping for Boxing Day :)
- went to grandparents house
- opened presents (which I'll show you sometime soon)
- had dinner, although it wasn't the traditional Christmas dinner, it was still good
- talked, chatted and talked some more with the family

Today me and my sister went to the town centre to go shopping and spend our Christmas money since it's Boxing Day and I got some really nice things which I'll show you maybe tomorrow if I have enough time. Tomorrow I will be packing for our 1 week trip between Belgium and Paris for New Years so I'll try and look for a chance to snap some pictures.

What about you guys where or what are you doing for New Year Eve/New Years Day?

P.S. - Today I lost my purse, I'm hoping I lost it in a shop and a staff picked it up and I could collect it again (I know sounds so unlikely considering it was in Primark and also it was Boxing Day and loads of people were in the shop) or if it's not there then it would've been stolen :( I didn't even get a chance to show you how pretty it was but oh well, I got a new one today and hopefully I could get all my cards back soon and just have a peace of mind about it.
- Please ignore my weird hand in the first picture, it looks like it's crooked
Love you all xx


  1. I love these pictures!



  2. Wow thank you so much Dylana, this comment means so much coming from you :) xx

  3. Cute photos, very Christmassy! On NYE I'm having a few drinks with friends at my boyfriend's house and seeing where the night takes me! :D

  4. Thank you and good good :) I hope you have a good time and Happy New Year to you and your friends :)


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