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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Photo Diary

First of all my apologies for this super-loaded-of-pictures post I got really excited after going to town with my family (really felt the Christmas spirit for the night since the family was complete :) since my sister is home for the holidays) to visit the Christmas markets and saw the beautiful Christmas decorations and also as I've never ever gone to a Christmas market before so I was really excited and happy about that and ended up taking a lot of pictures through out the night. Plus adding my sister also having a camera, you could imagine how much pictures were taken that night.

A run down of the things from the night and what the pictures are about:
- new animal theme (lion) hat mom bought me from one of the market stalls
- half ginger long hair
- coconut macaroons (mmm nom! must find a recipe so I can make one for myself)
- sausages that during a first bite tasted of chili and acid (my taste buds are weird)
- massive reindeer decorations in the city centre
- trees with Christmas lights and the market stalls
- our garden trellis decorated with Christmas garlands
- building with querky man decors
- snow decoration behind our gate
- dessert from Chinese buffet meal
- China town
- my sister trying out querky cute hats from one of the market stalls
- the Manchester eye
- other beautiful Christmas decorations around other city buildings
- baby Jesus in a nativity scene
- more Christmas market stalls/items
- me and my sister trying out a sausage footlong on either side
- Christmas buskers
- a hotel decorated with lights all over it kind of reminded me of the Versace for H&M studded dress

Expect more of these next year when I come back from Belgium and Paris because hopefully I and my sister will be compiling a photo diary from the trip.

Tell me, what about you guys, have you been to a Christmas market lately or ever?

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