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Thursday, December 1, 2011

formal in teal

(dark blue floral print sheer blouse - carboot, teal chinos with belt - River Island, white crochet heels - Primark)

A formal outfit I wore for college before. I didn't actually mean to be formal looking as there was no formal even to attend to in college, just a normal college day but oh well. I dressed down the formalness of the outfit by wearing dark purple with gold detail mary jane flats from Primark and just used crochet heels for the pictures above as I wanted to show a more formal look and also as I can't wear these heels out now as the temperature is quickly dropping outside so socks and closed shoes are a must.

Anyway, I hope you like this outfit and Happy December guys. It's officially Holiday/Christmas Season now :) Have a good weekend soon :) xx

P.S. I apologise for my chinos not being ironed, I just pulled it out of my mountain of clothes to iron, like literally 'mountain' :D

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