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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekly Joyful Treasures

1.) Postcards and city hang things for decorating my room
2.) House with Christmas decorations
3.) Graffiti smile on a street name sign
4.) Me and my friends at a cinema toilet
5.) Christmas hat that I just rediscovered
6.) Beanie with an ear flap
7.) 50/50 tickets

This are the Weekly Joyful Treasures for this week.

First up are the items I got recently this week to decorate my room, nothing much but they're so pretty and nice that they just made me happy, see more about it here.

Second, as I got off the bus from going to town with my friends I saw a couple of houses with Christmas decorations already out and pretty and it just made me smile and happy as it further shows it's nearing Christmas :) yay

Third, another thing I saw as I got off the bus, a graffitied street name sign with a smile and it just put a smile on my face :)

Fourth, went out on a day trip to town with my best friends after I haven't seen them in forever and watched 50/50 which was amazing may I say. We had a great time and it definitely made me happy to spend some QT with them again after a while

Fifth, a Christmas hat that I thought I already gave away, thank God I didn't since I want to wear it this Christmas, I'm jolly happy I still have it

Sixth, an old beanie hat, my first actually. I've only worn it a few times but I love the fact they have ear flaps to keep your ears warm keeping my ears happy and me as well

Seventh, tickets for 50/50 film. The film was really good as it was about funny considering it was about cancer and it was still sad and serious but there was a good balance of funny and sad and serious throughout the film which made it really good. Bonus was Joseph Gordon Levitt being the main character in the film :) it definitely was something that was worth smiling and being happy about.
So there you have it guys, the things that made me happy this week. How about you, what made you happy this week?

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