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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter Colour Blocking

(pink skinny jeans - Oasis, teal blouse - Next, white jumper - carboot, jacket - Topshop, shoes - Varanni, rings - sisters, 'love' necklace - Primark)

A colour blocking outfit I wore for college last week. I don't know about you guys but my styling choices doesn't really get affected by the season so much especially this season. I have been wearing a lot of colours and I own way too much coloured items in my wardrobe I can hardly see white or black.

Anyways, just a short post today because I don't really know what else to write about which I suppose is good for you all :) haha I ramble a lot you see, which I seem to be doing now again.

Have a good rest of the week lovelies xx

Monday, January 30, 2012

29 & 30/366

Selecta's fruit salad ice cream made from the Philippines and bought from China Town when we went there last week. It's pure goodness.
I went to the gym just before I consumed this and there's a little bit of me saying that I shouldn't have had this since all those calories I burnt would now be replaced by this ice cream but it's so good I just couldn't resist. At least I was able to resist a hot chocolate from Starbucks though. I think thats an accomplishment on it's own considering how much I love hot chocolates (you'll know if you follor me on Twitter, I never stop rambling on about hot chocolates).

Paris Photo Diary Part 3 - La Notre Dame


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paris Photo Diary Part 2


random picture post

An outfit I really like, maybe I'll wear something very similar for Summer. Dear Summer please hurry up!

I wish it snowed and stuck even for a day here in England. This winter sucked even more than it already does. Having snow would've made winter Winter! Plus also made the trees and fields looks all nice and white ala Narnia-esque.

I really want a yogurt especially from Yogurtland. Of course I haven't tasted one since there isn't any here in England but I'd gladly apparate or fly to LA just for one if I could.

I miss Harry Potter and I want a butterbeer so badly from the theme park at Universal Orlando

This is a man obviously but there's no shame to say that I'd wear this outfit in a girlier version of course. Maybe swap the black bow tie to a velvet burgundy one and wear a white button down shirt. Or I could also keep it masculine and wear the same things if I wanted to :)

Outfits that I really really want to try for Spring/Summer. Why does these seasons not hurry already.

I really want some black litas or even a look alike.

This collar is absolutely adorable and lovely. Crochet and peachy pink. I definitely will keep that in mind for these SS seasons.

Wishing I looked like her

Her eyelashes and nails. I wished I had longer and darker eyelashes. Im nearly sure she's wearing fake lashes but I don't think she is for her bottom lashes and so if they're real then I envy them. I also want Union Jack nails, I just wish I was patient and artistic enough for nail art.

I miss Disneyland and the sun when we visited it last summer

I want to go camping with friends by the beach and have a massive camp fire and just wake up in the morning and run straight to the sea. If I lived in LA this would be possible even for this month or next month but then again I don't live there so a girl can dream.

Some more black litas

Sorry for the very random post but I just got bored after reading all the blog posts from the people I follow after I've read them all and I just had to look at some more pictures so I hopped on to Tumblr and just scrolled down and saved a load of pictures that I thought I'd share with you and the reasons why I'm sharing them to you. It's kinda like a mini desires/inspiration/life diary.
(all images via Tumblr, if any are yours and you'd like it to be removed or credited please just comment or email me, thank you)

Saturday, January 28, 2012


(cable knit grey jumper - New Look, shorts with belt - New Look)

Just a couple of items I picked up from New Look this week. The jumper was on sale and I skipped a heartbeat when I saw it on sale as I've been wanting a cable knit sweater for god knows how long now and it was also the last one of it and my size too, it was like it's meant to be :) The aztec shorts was something I saw the day before I actually tried it on. I thought I'd wait later on until I get paid off my mother to get it but then the next day when I popped by New Look again, I looked through the racks again (do you do that? Just looks through the same items you like but can't get?) and there was only one of my sizes left so I had to get it and had to return this denim shorts back. I'm actually not bothered too much with the denim shorts not being mine anymore because this coming summer, many many stores would be selling denim shorts again and also I could DIY some old jeans from a charity shop if I want to save more :)

Happy Saturday everyone :) xx

P.S. Sorry for the bag orange/yellow lighting I had to take this pictures inside since it was already pitch dark by the time I got home.

Friday, January 27, 2012

26 & 27/366

'Hail storm and the cold'

Hail storm today and the usual cold weather for yesterday and today. It's really hateful when it's already cold enough and to add on top of that a hail storm! The only good thing about it is when it hits the ground it looks like mini diamonds that have fallen out of the sky; but that's if you're looking at it from a shelter. You're going to be too busy trying to find shelter to notice how they look like if you don't have one. I wish I had my camera with me to take a picture of it, maybe next time.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This is the closest you'll get to the US of A prt. II

(aztec burgundy jumper - New Look, jacket - Topshop, star & stripe print skinny jeans - H&M, burgundy socks - New Look, black wedges - Varanni)

This is a very head turning, in-your-face outfit I wore for college on the first day back after the Christmas holidays. It was the exact same outfit I wore for travelling back from France to England but couldn't take pictures because it was too dark by the time we had free time on the ferry. So I decided to wear it again on the first day back since I wasn't feeling inspired to think of what to wear anyway.

Unfortunately, this was the outfit and the pictures I was taking when my camera fell because of my unrealiable tripod, that is now semi-fixed thank to my dad :) However, I still feel paranoid every time I use and take pictures using my tripod because I don't know if it's gonna fall again but I have taken 2 outfit pictures since this and so far it stood but let's not jinx it.

Anyways, I don't know about you guys but I love this jeans. They're body fitting and they're also cheap. I got them for £15/£16 from H&M last year after Christmas Day with my Christmas money. They weren't on the sales but I found them whilst I was browsing on the quiet section where all the none sale stuff were since no one was looking at them, they were all focused on the sale items. They're a bit long so I had to tuck the ends of inside but I don't think it's obvious or changes the way it looks, it still looks great for me :)

P.S. The title is the same title from another outfit I wore last time where the colours are the US flag colours and I just thought I'd use the same title since the jeans are US-y anyway. Click here to see that outfit I wore before.


Me and my family went to China town in the city centre today after our quick check up with the dentist since it was near anyway. We did a quick shopping in a few Chinese stores and I asked my mom to buy me some items that I use to have in the Philippines all the time and it just made me happy to be having them again.

Anyway the pictures above:
- meat filled dumplings
- cheese spread for sandwiches
- White Rabbit candies
- salted tambarind sweets
- Rebisco chocolate cracker sandwich
- Mamom Tostado 'toasted cake'
- Pandan something (I forgot what the packet says)

What about you guys, I wanna know if you live in a place where it's not your hometown? If so, do you miss some of the food that you use to have in your hometown? Let me know, I'm very interested :) xx
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