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Tuesday, January 24, 2012



(images via Tumblr/JoellenLove/SnakesNest)

- I miss photoshoots, the last one I had was last winter with my sister and my high school friends. My sister's in uni now and all of my high schools friends are in a different college than I am so it's pretty hard to organise a photoshoot. *sigh*

- Pastel outfits are so pretty, I don't really have any pastel in my wardrobe so I plan on buying pastel items for Summer.

- Lace shorts, oh how I love lace shorts, I don't own any at all as well so I will start the hunt for one soon when I have saved enough cash, if you have a recommendation on where I can get nice ones for a good price then please let me know, thank you :)

-Black peep toe heels, they're pretty and just pretty, I also need them in my wardrobe. For now, all I have is a pair of black peep toe wedges which I suppose is near enough that.

- I miss Harry Potter :(

- Messy buns. I can never succeed on them and also I have missed styling my hair. I used to do it for high school last year and that's why I won 'Best Hairstyle' but now I hardly do any styling for my hair except my go-to fringe twist (which I might show here someday) because of being in the kitchen for college :(

- Macaroons. All of our macaroons from Paris have been consumed now and I already miss them. I don't really know where I can get any around the area where I live. I know they have them in London and there's a Laduree there but I'm obviously not going all the way to London for macaroons, if only I can apparate or fly. I might just look for some in Starbucks but I doubt they have it.

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