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Saturday, January 28, 2012


(cable knit grey jumper - New Look, shorts with belt - New Look)

Just a couple of items I picked up from New Look this week. The jumper was on sale and I skipped a heartbeat when I saw it on sale as I've been wanting a cable knit sweater for god knows how long now and it was also the last one of it and my size too, it was like it's meant to be :) The aztec shorts was something I saw the day before I actually tried it on. I thought I'd wait later on until I get paid off my mother to get it but then the next day when I popped by New Look again, I looked through the racks again (do you do that? Just looks through the same items you like but can't get?) and there was only one of my sizes left so I had to get it and had to return this denim shorts back. I'm actually not bothered too much with the denim shorts not being mine anymore because this coming summer, many many stores would be selling denim shorts again and also I could DIY some old jeans from a charity shop if I want to save more :)

Happy Saturday everyone :) xx

P.S. Sorry for the bag orange/yellow lighting I had to take this pictures inside since it was already pitch dark by the time I got home.


  1. OMG !!! Your hair looks awsome !!! Love it!!! :DDD



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