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Monday, January 9, 2012


Today marks the end of the Christmas holidays for me, or shall I say yesterday. Anyway whatever day, today college re-opened it's doors for their students and as usual I roam the hallways alone wondering where I should sit and wait until I know where I'm suppose to be going.

The outfit above is what I wore. It's also the same outfit I wore for travelling back to the UK from France. More on the outfit in a latter post.

Today also marks the day that my camera fell :( It was because of my tripod not being reliable and slightly cracked so one of the legs slid down and it fell on that stoney floor :( Anyway, the good thing is it's still working but the negatives: there are a lot of scuff marks that can't be wiped away, they're like the type of marks you get when you hit a very rough surface and it indents into your skin or whatever surface it hits. So now my camera looks tatty. It also has a small crack now :(

It saddens me because the first time it fell (via the same reason - the tripod), my lens were the ones that got affected and they became stiff and hard to zoom but that got fixed. However, for this scenario, I don't really know if it's fixable and if it's just a few polishes here and there but I'm going to leave it for now since it's still working perfect anyway.

I've learny my lesson anyway, the next time I use my tripod I'll have pillows ready on either side so that if it slids down again then it will fall on a pillow.

Sorry for babbling on this post by the way. I hope you had a better Monday than me xx

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  1. those pants are friggin amazing!!


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