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Friday, January 13, 2012

Belgium Day 1 Photo Diary

colourful houses near the town centre that reminded me

Harry's owl : Hedwig, Harry Potter character's wands and a glimpse of Harry's broom in one of the shops in Brussels (I really wish I got a wand now)

weird looking sausages being sold during the Christmas markets

'Art Van Dal' signs that are popping up at random places in the town centre

old statues that reminded me of 'Aslan' from the book and movie series 'Narnia'

Christmas market items and stallsdifferent types of vodka for vodka shots for 2 euros

items at one of the souvenir shops

one of the few many chocolate shops

querky art vandals in the town centre

Manneken Pis

chocolate statue mannequins in another chocolate shop

one of the many side building graffitis

waffles :) mmm

some of the old architecture in Brussels

Christmas buskers

First of all, sorry for the photo overload but I just couldn't resist sharing these pictures and at least share with you the beautiful Brussels. Secondly, my blog also serves as a back-up memory/file for my pictures in case on day I suddenly deleted them by accident, I can access them again through the blog and save them :) (I know, smart me haha only joking)

Anyway, I wanted to show you how beautiful Brussels is considering it was winter plus it was raining and grey that day, it still somehow proved to be a great city for a small country.

A run down of what we did that day:
- went into the town/city centre and took pictures of the architecture and admired how old and historic they looked like
- had lunch in a restaurant by the centre where my mom ordered raw beef that shocked her as she didn't know it was raw since there were no descriptions in the menu and the menu being in French didn't help either, anyway it surprised her as she said it was 'alright' and my sister said it was 'good' (it's still raw beef though, URGH!). I ordered something called 'American Garni' whcih was basically potato salad with loads of leafy salad (lettuce, etc.) and this corned beef looking 'garni' I suppose. It was alright but I wouldn't order it again if I was given a chance
- explored the centre more and found this naked statue with 2 angels fountain that was a bit hidden from the people and so took some outfit picture there which you can check here
- went further into town and passed a load of chocolatiers so me and my sister bought a pack of 5 boxes of truffles
- went into some souvenir shops and bought some stuff, which hopefully will appear here soon if I find the time to take pictures
- found a waffle place where we shared the most amazing waffle I've ever tasted it had: the best Belgian or even best ever waffle, strawberrie, bananas, cream and nutella chocolate syrup, mmm goodnes
- stared for a very long period of time at this 'Vincent Van Gogh' statue that we thought had someone inside operating it to be like how it is and where you usually have to pay them so they move, however this one was an actual statue or shall I say mannequin with a mask on and no one at all inside as people have looked through the mask and there are no eyes, also the hands weren't really hands but some squidgy item. I just think it's weird and scary really.
- spotted a lot of shops with 'Manneken Pis' themed items. One chocolatier had a statue mannequin of it and Santa, I'm not sure if it's pure chocolate though
- we saw the real 'Manneken Pis' where it stood and where loads of people were taking pictures of it and with it
- walking back to the hotel after quite sometime...
- spotted some more souvenir shops and shopped some more
- spotted artistic vandals (funny ones as well)
- went past some Christmas markets where even one stall was selling coloured vodka shots for 2 euros
- walking back to the hotel, we saw a shop with fictional character items such as the Harry Potter character wands and Hedwig and Harry's broom
- walked back to the hotel whilst at the same time taking pictures of whatever seemed interesting and beautiful and also my sister stalking me of course (haha)

So that was it for the first day, will post the 2nd night soon so stay tuned. Sorry for such a massive post xx


  1. Love your outfit, you look fab! Looks like a fab trip!!

  2. I love reading positive reviews about Brussels as it is my city.

    I really enjoy your blog! :)


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