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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Belgium Day 1 Photo Diary

Here are the pictures from our first night in Belgium during our holiday in Belgium/Paris. During our first night, we didn't explore much of Belgium since we got there at about 11pm and my dad wanted to go out to have dinner but my mom was betting him that there isn't any restaurants that will be open at that time and surprisingly there was. Good thing my dad didn't say yes to the bet or my mother would have lost £50 haha :)

Anyway for the our dinner, we went into a Thai restaurant since there isn't a lot of variety among the restaurants that were there and most of them were closing and also were either Thai or Vietnamese restaurants. For my dinner, I had for the first time ever frogs legs with vegetables. I've always wanted to try frogs legs seeing as everyone says they taste like chicken and since I'm heading into the catering industry, I wanted to broaden my food experiences.

The frogs legs didn't taste anything of chicken, to be quite honest, they didn't even taste of anything even with sauce. The texture is very soft but my sister said it felt rubbery since she had a mini bite of one. But even if it didn't taste of anything and the texture is some what weird, at least now I can say I've tried frogs legs.

I also had a coconut juice drink and I enjoyed it so much since I've forgotten the last time I had coconut juice with actual coconut in it. This one was so sweet and cool, it was just amazing. Finally I also had a beef ball soup, where the beef tasted a bit weird and the soup was a bit bland but I got used to it after a few sips.

More pictures from the holiday soon. Stay tuned for the Belgium Day 2 Photo Diary :) and I hope you're all having a good weekend xx

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  1. Gorgeous pictures dear it seems you have fun I also have taste the frogs legs and for my opinion it taste like chicken lol I think we own the same coat love it seen it on you you look lovely kisses Dear xXx


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