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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Belgium Night 2 Photo Diary

2nd night in Belgium (Brussels) we went back to the hotel after a long day spent in the city exploring. We had atleast a 2 hour nap after a long session of my and my sister laughing at silly things.

At around 6pm we headed out again to the bigger Christmas markets although half of them were already closed but we still managed to buy drea catcher earring in one of the stalls. We also saw this weird goat gargoyle in front of a very old historic church and also watched some ice skaters for a few minutes whilst sipping hot chocolate.

Later on we walked and walked to find a good place to eat besides the Thai/Vietnam restaurants part but ended up going there anyway since most of the other restaurants were closing. Anyway we still ended up eating really good food and I had ribs which by far are the best ones I've ever had yet. I hope to have something similar again someday.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures :) and have a good rest of the week xx


  1. Love the leopard jacket! =)


  2. Nice pics!



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