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Monday, January 23, 2012

Buffalo Grill France

For the past week I've hardly consumed any proper chocolate and by that I mean my usual cup of hot chocolates that I get nearly daily from Costa Cofee last year. Since the year started I haven't been to Costa and also since last week I haven't had any chocolate cake, ice cream, etc. And I must say I miss it so much.

I haven't fully given up chocolate though 'cause I have one packet of M&M's from time to time and also a piece of chocolate trufflea day (cutting down is the best way of trying to give up something because you're not fully letting go in one go so your body copes better) Sorry if I sound like a doctor or trainer, haha.

Anyway, the pictures above were taken from one of the Buffalo Grill restaurants in France. And let me tell you something, if ever you're lost in a place and you don't know what country you're in and you just suddenly see a Buffalo Grill then you should know straight away you are in France. Actually I'm not sure if France is the only place with Buffalo Grills but there are loads there so that should hint it to you if you're ever in this situation.

These pictures were taken just after we got out of Belgium and got to France on route to our Paris hotel. We stopped at a Buffalo Grill and had our dinner. The waitress, I think, got 3 or I'm sure 2 of our orders wrong (language barrier sucks!) but we manage to live with it and just enjoy what she gave us since they were still as good anyway.

The desserts were correct, thank god, 'cause I had an ultimate chocolate dessert. A chocolate cake with chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream and chocolate cupcake (gosh I miss these stuff)

For yesterdays and todays 366, basically I just miss chocolate and also I miss grill/ribs/fried things, they're the specialty of Buffalo Grill.

Have a good week guys xx

P.S. Just ignore my stupid ugly face in these pictures, I had too much chocolate so I was mental after the meal haha :)

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