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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Colourful Winter

(leopard faux fur coat - New Look, burgundy cardigan -Influence, mustard jumper - River Island, shorts - New Look, scarf - gift from dad, tights - Primark, boots - River Island, socks - H&M, bag - sisters)

This is the outfit I wore for our 2nd day or shall I say 1st proper day in Belgium. I'll show you a photo diary of that day later on. But here's a run down of what we basically did:
- went around some of the Christmas markets
-had some weird lunch at one of the town centre's restaurants
-looked around for the Manneken Pis (which was really funny and I'll tell you more abo
ut later on)
- had waffles (which were the best waffles I've ever tasted, mmm)
- took loads of pictures
- and then went out later on in the night again after having a nap back in the hotel

Stay tuned for the pictures for now I hope you have a lovely week ahead. I'm back in college so let's hope I will have time still to do loads of posts whilst in college and also working xx


  1. You have a lovely blog!! Wow I would love to visit Belgium one day..and eat the infamous waffles!! YUM!
    Wonderful outfit here! LOVE the leopard jacket and I just love how vibrant and fun the overall look is!

    xx, Ally

  2. thank you very much Ally :) and you should, Belgium is such a nice place and the waffles are just to die for :) haha and thank you again :) x


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