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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

En route to France Photo Diary

(pictures by me except pictures of me were taken by my sister)

I'd like to share to you some of the pictures I took whilst on route to France, in the ferry and in the car.

There's really nothing much you can do in a moving ferry especially if you don't have internet so instead I started playing with the left remains of our hot chocolate by making art desings inside the cup (or as I'd like to call it art but it's not really haha). We also took Lookbook pictures which I'll post separately and also took pictures of the sunset which was really nice along with the white cliffs by the coast and finally a picture of our burgundy unintended uniform between me, my sister and my mom. We were all wearing something burgundy in our leg/feet which we didn't plan to do.

More pictures from the trip tomorrow so stay tuned :)

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