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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New In

(red short shorts - New Look, denim shorts - New Look, bag - Accesorize)

I have been trying not to spend my money and most of all not spend it on clothes, shoes or accesories/jewellery since the year started. This year I have decided to have 'spend money wisely' as part of my new years resolution and so I have been dogdging the shops I always go to last year before the holidays where I would spend all my wage every week.

But yesterday I was walking past 2 of the shops that I always go to before this new years resolution thing: Accesorize and New Look on my way to buying some hair necessities and I noticed that there was some sale items and Accesorize was on 70% sale. I thought to myself, I wouldn't really be breaking this new years resolution as along as I buy reasonable things and since they're on sale then that'd maybe mean I'm spending my money wisely.

Anyway, I got 2 shorts from New Look and I know I can't wear them yet and I also still have 2 more shorts from Topshop I haven't even worn yet but I'm just patiently waiting for Spring/Summer to come and then I'll wear them constantly :) Also I may even wear them to Italy if me and my family do go there for holiday this summer *cross fingers*

The bag was sale from £42 to £12.60 which is absolutely brilliant since it's big and the size would be perfect for my college uniform and gym clothes to all fit in since I go to the gym before college so I think I did pretty good with spending my money wisely :)

What do you guys think? Did I spend my money wisely with these items? xx

P.S. Please ignore my weird ugly stomach, belly button and my thighs

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