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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paris Photo Diary Part 2

Champagne bottles at one end of a bridge from after New Year

One of the many churches of Paris

One of the many bridges of Paris

'Whoop Whoop' is the sound of the police! Police on horses after New Year

Light show and fireworks

New Years Eve and New Years Day in front of the Eiffel was so beautiful despite having no fireworks show like in London or any other famous cities (New York, in Dubai, Hong Kong). There were mini fireworks from the people and we also saw some police trying to light them, maybe just to arouse the fun and excitement for the people.

On the way to the Eiffel we also saw a crowd of people watching and cheering along with a group that were singing in a different language (not sure if it was French) and they had massive armpit/African drums, which was really getting everyone in a festive mood.

The place was packed and everytime the light show goes off for the hour, everyone pulls out their camera and it made me wish I was up in the sky filming all the flashing lights along with the light show of the tower, it would've looked so nice.

Later on, when the light show for 12 midnight storke, everyone opened their champagne bottles and some people set off fireworks but there was no fireworks show from the Eiffel which was a bit disappointing as I thought they had fireworks in a big famous city like Paris but none. Nonetheless, it was a great excitement hearing people cheer.

On the way back to the metro station we saw police on horses obviously patrolling and there to keep things in order. We also passed a building apartment where some French people were having a party and were spilling champagne down the apartment to the people walking in the streets. I thought it was funny really, though some may think differently :)

I know this post is super late since it's nearly the end of January but if you guys have pictures of your New Years Eve/Day then don't hesitate to send a link on the comments below, I'd love to check them out :)


  1. Oh lucky you! I'd love to visit Paris! How's it? :D How did you manage to put all the photos large the same?

  2. I know right it's awesome :) and it was lovely, Paris is such a great city and ot's so beautiful no matter what time of the year. And I just edited the width and height of my images on the HTML of my blog posts.

  3. This is so fun! Love your blog!




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